Board of Trustees

ART21 is governed by a Board of Trustees that provides guidance and oversight for the organization’s programs and activities.

ART21 Board of Trustees (as of February 2016)

David Howe, Chairman

Robert Crothers, Secretary

Migs Wright, President Emerita

Susan Dowling, Trustee Emeritus
Albert Gottesman, Trustee Emeritus

Anne Bevis Detwiler
Sarah Booth
James Cohan
Mark Dorfman
Glenn DuBose
Louise Eliasof
Jess Fardella
Barbara Gundlach
Ben Hartley
Oliver Herring
Paul Pfeiffer
Ryan Rockefeller
Shahzia Sikander
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Carrie Mae Weems

ART21 Founder
Susan Sollins (In Memoriam)

ART21 Art in the Twenty-First Century Co-Creators
Susan Dowling
Susan Sollins