Announcing Our Latest Film: “William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible”

Published on August 16th, 2010 by

We are excited to formally announce the forthcoming broadcast of our latest film, William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible, the first film produced by Art21 for national television broadcast outside of the biennial Art in the Twenty-First Century series. The film is also Art21’s first feature to focus on a single artist.

The broadcast premiere of William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible takes place this October 21 at 10:00 p.m. ET on PBS (check local listings).

On this site, you can learn more about the film, watch related videos, and browse through image slideshows. Throughout the coming weeks leading into the October 21 broadcast, we will be releasing additional features related to William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible. Features will include essays and interviews contributed by writers from the Art21 Blog stable of contributors, preview and exclusive videos, thematic image slideshows, educational features, and much more.

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Stay tuned, we’re just getting started!

6 Responses to “Announcing Our Latest Film: “William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible””

  1. Deb Oden says:

    I can’t wait!

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  2. Nona Orbach says:

    I love his art, dream particals

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  3. FreudPsa says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  4. vicky marquez says:

    I am looking forward to this one. Very inspirational already..and fun.

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  5. AH Siberell says:

    That’s the same time as the opera in SF. Will it be played again?

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