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We are excited to announce that preview screenings of William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible are taking place throughout October at select venues across the country. Screening hosts represent a broad range of organizations and institutions celebrating the national broadcast of Art21’s first hour-long film devoted to a single artist.

Screening events have already taken place at the Cape Cod Art Museum in Dennis, Massachusetts, the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, Michigan. After months of working with our screening organizers to plan each unique event, it is exciting to hear how audiences are responding to Art21’s new film. Select events are highlighted below.

Preview screenings will continue across the country throughout October. Future events also include screenings at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center in Atlanta, Georgia (Oct. 16), the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington (Oct. 15 & 16), and the Blaffer Art Museum at the University of Houston in Texas (Oct 16).

Continue reading for highlights from previous and upcoming screening events, and we hope that you will join us at a screening near you!

October 4, 2010: Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA

The first event was held at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, MA on October 4th and included a dynamic panel discussion after the screening with questions from the audience. Jessica Hamlin, Art21’s Director of Education and Public Programs, served on the panel and was impressed by audience questions that solicited “a discussion of the significance of process in contemporary art; Kentridge’s family history in South African and issues of race as they are presented in his work; and general appreciation for the many approaches he takes, pushing beyond the visual to incorporate other media and disciplines.”

October 5, 2010: Cuba High School, Cuba, NM

Art21 Educator Jocelyn Salaz hosted a preview screening of the film at Cuba High School in Cuba, New Mexico. Jocelyn excitedly observed, “the part of the film that stood out for the audience was the making of The Nose. Audience members expressed a desire to create a nose costume of their own and move around in it to lose inhibitions and experience a sense of joy.”

October 9, 2010: KQED/SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA

An excited audience of community members and educators attended the October 9th screening event at SFMOMA hosted by KQED Public Media in San Francisco, California. Organizer Kristin Farr said “viewers felt inspired and informed after our screening, especially after having seen the artist’s Five Themes exhibition at the museum last spring.”

October 13, 2010: College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME

In Bar Harbor, Maine, the College of the Atlantic will host an event tonight, October 13th will feature an introduction by Susan Dowling, co-creator of Art21. After the screening there will be a discussion led by Dowling along with COA faculty member and filmmaker Nancy Andrews, and artist and art historian Catherine Clinger. The audience will be invited to explore issues raised in the film, such as variations of the creative process, the role of history and research in making work, and the relationships between visual arts and music.

October 14, 2010: Center for Contemporary Arts/SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

On October 14th, SITE Santa Fe will be hosting a screening event in collaboration with the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kentridge is a featured artist in SITE Santa Fe’s Eighth International Biennial, The Dissolve. After the screening will be a discussion examining how Kentridge’s animated charcoal drawings are pivotal to the renaissance of animation techniques today. Additionally, the conversation will address topics such as impact of medium and technique on content, collaboration in contemporary art, and the intersections of visual art, music, and performance.

October 16, 2010: The Beacon Art Salon at Dia:Beacon, Beacon, NY

The Beacon Art Salon, a Hudson Valley contemporary artists group, will host a screening event on October 16th at The Learning Lab at Dia:Beacon. The event will feature an after screening dialogue led by local art duo Thundercut featuring Kalene Rivers and Dan Weise who will discuss the topic Collaboration in Contemporary Art. This event is part of the Beacon Art Salon’s twelve event series titled “Contemporary Artists on Contemporary Art.”

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  1. Parul V Mehta says:

    This is lovely. We are waiting for the screening in India, Mumbai.

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  2. Daniel Marc Kemp says:



    Shostakovich’s “The Nose” opera was neither Kentridge’s nor Gelb’s idea: Kentridge was supplied with a copy of the only extant recording and details of Gergiev’s conducting a production in Leningrad, together with copious research and foundational staging ideas, extending from Eisenstein to Godard.

    Both need to stop taking credit for an origination and major work not their own.

    For the true origination, source, aetiology, and inspiration of the South African Jewish artist William Kentridge [Kantorowicz]‘s work of the past decade, including research and seminal ideas and images as well as theoretical/practical formulations for “The Magic Flute” and “The Nose,” plus “Tide Table,” “What will come (has already come),” “Seeing Double,” “I am not me, the horse is not mine” et al, see the writings, films, photographs, and books of Jennifer Arlene Stone (paperbacks on Amazon)
[e.g. Kentridge did not know the Egyptian (Horus) mythology and nor had he ever heard of the Shostakovich et al.] He is more than indebted . . .

    For full details, read “Kentridge”
    on THE APP on javari

    New York NY

New York NY London UK Johannesburg
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investment in intellectual property reserved

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