Educators’ Guide and Screening Companion

The Educators’ Guide and Screening Companion is designed to accompany the film and Web site for William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible. The guide is a 22-page full-color downloadable PDF that offers suggestions for facilitating discussions and activities, as well as screening the film with classroom and community audiences. William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible presents a wide range of Kentridge’s work—from his drawings and sculpture, to animations, films, and performances. The film also explores topics relevant to studio art, art history, and the humanities, as well as themes central to his artistic practice.

For educational purposes, the 10 chapters presented in the DVD and online versions of the film provide opportunities to investigate a particular narrative or theme. Each chapter is five to eight minutes in length and includes:

Chapters 1 / 2: Prologue / Drawing & Animation
Chapter 3: South Africa
Chapter 4: Music & Opera
Chapter 5: Illusion
Chapter 6: Studio Process
Chapter 7: Projection & Performance
Chapter 8: Making of The Nose
Chapters 9 / 10: Performing The Nose / Epilogue

The Educators’ Guide provides discussion questions that engage students prior to watching the film, encouraging active viewing. During viewing, there are many opportunities to pause and have students focus on particular images, quotes, or ideas to help facilitate understanding. After viewing, students and teachers can reflect on what they have seen, processing ideas and creating work based on a variety of suggestions related to each chapter.

The Screening Companion section of the guide serves as a resource for facilitating independent screenings of William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible for community audiences. It provides organizations and individuals planning these events with suggestions that focus on particular themes, questions, and quotes to help facilitate audience engagement and dialogue around the film.

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