Bryan Zanisnik

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See video Bryan Zanisnik & Eric Winkler's Animated Conversation What if your life was a cartoon? Bryan Zanisnik and Eric Winkler meet at a Brooklyn cafe where Zanisnik shares outlandish stories of his life as an... 9:05 06/03/2016
See video Bryan Zanisnik Goes to the Meadowlands Where are the blank spots on the map? In this film, artist Bryan Zanisnik hikes through the New Jersey Meadowlands landscape and exhibits his work... 8:26 12/05/2014
See video Bryan Zanisnik Keeps It in the Family How does an artist figure out what’s truly essential? Performing A Woman Waits For Me II (2014) with his parents at Pace University in Lower... 8:40 06/20/2014
Videos 1-3 of 3