Cao Fei

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See video TRAILER: Season 5 of "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2009) Trailer for Season 5 of the Peabody Award-winning series, "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (premiered Fall 2009 on PBS). Featured artists... 5:12 04/10/2009
See video SHORT: Cao Fei: "PRD Anti-Heroes" Artist Cao Fei discusses her multi-media theatrical work "PRD Anti-Heroes" (2005), a play performed by non-professional actors. Investigating the "... 4:02 04/15/2011
See video SHORT: Cao Fei: Building "RMB City" In her Beijing studio, Cao Fei discusses the inspirations, process, and challenges behind developing and building a virtual urban environment within... 3:45 12/02/2011
See video SHORT: Cao Fei: Avatars In her Beijing studio, Cao Fei reflects on the behavior of avatars in the digital environment of Second Life and the motivations behind people who... 2:27 01/08/2010
See video Cao Fei: Reflections from Curator Philip Tinari Filmed for the occasion of Armory Focus: China at The Armory Show 2014 in New York City, curator Philip Tinari reflects on the work of Chinese artist... 2:12 03/05/2014
See video SEGMENT: Cao Fei in "Fantasy" “Dear ladies and gentleman, I’m China Tracy—the avatar of Cao Fei—and I’m her interpreter.” Cao Fei’s digital Second Life alter ego acts as the... 0:00 10/14/2009
See video EPISODE: "Fantasy" This episode presents artists whose works defy convention and transport us to unreal worlds and altered states of consciousness. With works at times... 0:00 10/14/2009
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