Carrie Mae Weems

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See video U.S. Department of State Honors Five Art21 Featured Artists Beginning in November 2012, the U.S. Department of State celebrates the 50th anniversary of Art in Embassies (AIE), a program that facilitates the... 5:54 11/29/2012
See video TRAILER: Season 5 of "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2009) Trailer for Season 5 of the Peabody Award-winning series, "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (premiered Fall 2009 on PBS). Featured artists... 5:12 04/10/2009
See video SHORT: Carrie Mae Weems: Thirteen Questions for Wynton Marsalis & Cornel West As part of a panel discussion moderated by Baraka Sele at the 20th National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, artist Carrie Mae Weems poses... 5:09 10/16/2009
See video SHORT: Carrie Mae Weems: "The Kitchen Table Series" Filmed in her Syracuse studio, artist Carrie Mae Weems discusses the impetus for her work "The Kitchen Table Series" (1990), a photographic... 3:09 03/18/2011
See video SHORT: Carrie Mae Weems: "Roaming" Carrie Mae Weems describes the impetus for her series "Roaming" (2006). An investigation into “the edifice of power,” Weems performed a series of... 2:36 09/10/2010
See video SHORT: Carrie Mae Weems: "Grace Notes: Reflections for Now" A look at artist Carrie Mae Weems staging "Grace Notes: Reflections for Now," a performance that examines the escalating racial tensions... 7:23 08/09/2016
See video SEGMENT: Carrie Mae Weems in "Compassion" “Narrative and storytelling is in the blood,” declares Carrie Mae Weems. 0:00 10/07/2009
See video PREVIEW: Carrie Mae Weems in Season 5 of "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2009) With the pitch and timbre of an accomplished storyteller, Carrie Mae Weemss vibrant explorations of photography, video, and verse breathe new life... 1:29 07/01/2009
See video EPISODE: "Compassion" This episode features three artists — William Kentridge, Doris Salcedo, and Carrie Mae Weems — whose works explore conscience and the possibility of... 0:00 10/07/2009
See video Carrie Mae Weems & David Alan Grier: In Conversation Carrie Mae Weems and David Alan Grier have an intimate discussion on a range of topics including childhood idols, the definition of blackness, race... 8:54 06/25/2010
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