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See video Kimsooja: Collaboration on Campus—Nanotechnology & Contemporary Art In this ART21-produced special feature, artist Kimsooja collaborates with scientists and nanotechnologists to create an iridescent steel and polymer... 15:57 11/10/2015
See video Diana Al-Hadid at the 55th Venice Biennale Brooklyn-based artist Diana Al-Hadid travels to the 55th Venice Biennale, where she tours the exhibition and speaks candidly with five of her peers... 13:24 10/18/2013
See video SHORT: Kimsooja: Art & Everyday Life With her video "Sewing into Walking" as a backdrop, Kimsooja tells a story about mending traditional Korean bed covers and realizing that art can be... 2:52 07/16/2010
See video SHORT: Kimsooja: "A Beggar Woman" & "A Homeless Woman" Artist Kimsooja reflects on her series of videotaped performances—"A Beggar Woman" and "A Homeless Woman" (both 2000–01)—realized in cities around... 3:36 12/03/2009
See video SEGMENT: Kimsooja in "Systems" Kimsooja’s segment opens with a series of videotaped performances of the artist in crowded cities, her form acting as an unmoving axis on the horizon. 0:00 10/28/2009
See video EPISODE: "Systems" Whether through acts of appropriation, repetition, or accumulation, the artists in this episode realize projects both vast in scope and beyond... 0:00 10/28/2009
See video PREVIEW: Kimsooja in Season 5 of "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2009) Kimsooja's videos and installations blur the boundaries between aesthetics and transcendent experience through their use of repetitive actions,... 1:13 09/17/2009
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