Marela Zacarías

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See video Marela Zacarías Goes Big & Goes Home What does an artist bring to a homecoming? Working in her Bedford–Stuyvesant studio, artist Marela Zacarías undertakes Red Meander (2014), a... 8:59 07/18/2014
See video Marela Zacarías's Work Finds A Good Home What happens to an artist’s work after it leaves a museum? Artist Marela Zacarías moves a suite of sculptures titled Supple Beat from the... 8:15 06/26/2013
See video Marela Zacarías's Great Expectations How does a Brooklyn artist imagine both her past and future? After a decade of hard-fought accomplishments in New York City, artist Marela Zacarías... 6:58 03/02/2016
See video "New York Close Up" Series Trailer, Year 3 (2013) Art21's Webby-nominated documentary series on art and life in New York City returns with new artists and films premiering online June 21st and... 0:46 06/19/2013
Videos 1-4 of 4