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See video EPISODE: "Play" The artists in “Play” improvise games, draw inspiration from dance and music, and employ color, pattern, and movement to elicit delight. Indulging in... 0:00 10/07/2005
See video SEGMENT: Oliver Herring in "Play" Searching for a release from his past meditative work of knitting colorless sculptures with Mylar tape, Oliver Herring began making fantastical stop-... 0:00 10/07/2005
See video SHORT: Oliver Herring: "TASK" This episode of ART21 Exclusive follows artist Oliver Herring around Madison Square Park as he organizes his largest TASK Party to date. TASK parties... 6:35 09/26/2014
See video SHORT: Oliver Herring: Legacy Artist Oliver Herring discusses what he perceives as generational shifts in our relationship to the camera, mortality, and legacy, accompanied by... 3:09 02/19/2009
See video SHORT: Oliver Herring: Participant Davide Borella On the roof of his Brooklyn studio, artist Oliver Herring photographs Davide Borella during an exhausting performance as Borella spits various colors... 3:10 07/16/2009
See video SHORT: Oliver Herring: Participant Davis Thompson-Moss Artist Davis Thompson-Moss discusses his experiences appearing as a performer, alongside his brother, in two videos by Oliver Herring: "BASIC" (2003... 1:51 08/07/2009
See video SHORT: Oliver Herring: Participant Joyce Pensato Artist Joyce Pensato discusses her experiences appearing as a performer in Oliver Herring's videos. The work, which also features participant Davis-... 1:56 08/20/2009
See video TRAILER: Season 3 of "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2005) Trailer for Season 3 of the Peabody Award-winning series, "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (premiered Fall 2005 on PBS). Season 3 features... 8:48 09/01/2005
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