Ahmed Mater

Ahmed Mater

B. 1979, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
Lives and works in Abha, Saudi Arabia

Ahmed Mater’s multimedia art practice is informed by his daily life as a medical doctor in Abha, as well as his traditional Islamic upbringing. Mater explores issues of urban space in Islamic culture as cities rapidly transform to cater to tourism and consumerism. In Sharjah, he installed the second chapter of his ongoing video and photographic project, Desert of Pharan/Room with a View (2011–present), inside of the Islamic Bank. Mater’s photographs of the Kaaba, one of the most sacred sites of Islam, located in the Saudi Arabian city of Makkah (Mecca), reveal tensions between public and private space. Although pilgrims to the Kaaba are equal before Allah as they enter the site, looming luxury hotels suggest a disconnect between the city’s religious and capitalist values.



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