Basim Magdy

Basim Magdy

B. 1977, Assiut, Egypt
Lives and works in Basel, Switzerland and Cairo, Egypt

Basim Magdy uses painting, video, slide projection, and installation to examine war, information systems, scientific theories, and mass media. A question that underlines much of Magdy’s practice is the certainty of knowledge. 13 Essential Rules for Understanding the World (2011), exhibited at the 13th Istanbul Biennial, is a five-minute Super 8 film that the artist transferred to high-definition video. Images of tulips with faces painted on them appear along with other random visuals while Magdy’s narration details thirteen principles and offers explanations for each. “The way I see the rules is that they are defeatist,” says Magdy. “Saying ‘13 essential rules’ is very didactic [and] I wanted to reduce that by using a bit of unexpected humor.” Rule number seven: “Never try to make a point” since “no one will ever care.”



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