Jesper Just

Jesper Just

B. 1974, Copenhagen, Denmark
Lives and works in New York, New York

Jesper Just explores human emotion in his films, which are known for having strange and humorous twists in their plots and settings. Just’s Danish Pavilion installation Intercourses (2013) included a five-channel film set in a fully-functional replica of Paris built just outside of Hangzhou, China. Intercourses examined themes of architectural pastiche and cultural dislocation by creating an immersive, multi-part viewing environment. To complete the project, Just collaborated with the New York graphic design studio Project Projects on an international graphic campaign, and the London-based firm Caruso St. John Architects on the pavilion’s architecture. Visitors meandered through a dark maze, encountering Just’s film, pink neon lighting, and vegetation along the way. Intercourses continues the artist’s ongoing interest in “the social and cinematic conventions of space.”



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