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See video 100 Artists: Highlights from the Art21 Archive Throughout 2013, Art21 celebrates the 100 artists who have appeared to date throughout the first six seasons of our award-winning series, "Art... 1:01 01/31/2013
See video U.S. Department of State Honors Five Art21 Featured Artists Beginning in November 2012, the U.S. Department of State celebrates the 50th anniversary of Art in Embassies (AIE), a program that facilitates the... 5:54 11/29/2012
See video PREVIEW: Andrea Zittel in Season 1 of "Art in the Twenty-First Century" Andrea Zittel's sculptures and installations transform everything necessary for life—such as eating, sleeping, bathing and socializing—... 1:09 09/01/2011
See video EPISODE: "Identity" "Too often those who are quickest to assert their identity or loudest in proclaiming it have fastened on a single, supposedly fixed aspect of their... 0:00 09/28/2001
See video EPISODE: "Consumption" "All of these artists reference the other kinds of images we are familiar with," writes Katy Siegel in her essay for the Art in the Twenty-First... 0:00 09/28/2001
See video Introduction to "Identity" by William Wegman with Steve Martin "Identity" opens with a whimsical collaboration between noted photographer and artist William Wegman and actor, playwright, and comedian Steve Martin... 0:00 09/28/2001
See video SEGMENT: Bruce Nauman in "Identity" Bruce Nauman transforms everyday activities, speech, and objects into works that are both familiar and alien. "I needed a different way to approach... 0:00 09/28/2001
See video SEGMENT: Kerry James Marshall in "Identity" From paintings and videos to his comic strip featuring African sculptures, Kerry James Marshall's work unites influences from Renaissance painting... 0:00 09/28/2001
See video SEGMENT: Maya Lin in "Identity" Maya Lin, who at twenty-one became one of America's most recognized artists with her winning design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, is filmed... 0:00 09/28/2001
See video SEGMENT: Louise Bourgeois in "Identity" The final segment "Identity" focuses on Louise Bourgeois. Active since the early 1940s, Bourgeois has consistently plumbed the her own biography for... 0:00 09/28/2001
See video Introduction to "Consumption" by Barbara Kruger with John McEnroe "Consumption" begins with an original work created by artist Barbara Kruger. Hosted by tennis star and sports commentator John McEnroe, the... 0:00 09/28/2001
See video SEGMENT: Michael Ray Charles in "Consumption" Michael Ray Charles is filmed on location at his home and studio in Austin, Texas. Through his studies of advertising, the minstrel tradition, and... 0:00 09/28/2001
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