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See video 100 Artists: Highlights from the Art21 Archive Throughout 2013, Art21 celebrates the 100 artists who have appeared to date throughout the first six seasons of our award-winning series, "Art... 1:01 01/31/2013
See video EPISODE: "Humor" The four artists profiled in “Humor” have been influenced by the history of humor and comedy, including vaudeville, cartoons, and comic books. The... 0:00 10/01/2003
See video EPISODE: "Loss & Desire" Thoughts and responses to themes of “Loss & Desire” surface in many areas of our lives, from the philosophical to the emotional. In this episode... 0:00 09/17/2003
See video EPISODE: "Stories" The artists profiled in “Stories” tell tales—autobiographical, fictional, satirical, or fantastical—through architecture, literature, mythology,... 0:00 09/09/2003
See video EPISODE: "Time" “Time” is always present in our interaction with works of art, whether we sit to contemplate a painting, stroll past a sculpture, or watch a video... 0:00 09/17/2003
See video Opening to "Humor" by Charles Atlas with Margaret Cho In the opening segment of "Humor" created by Charles Atlas, comedian Margaret Cho takes on the task of educating her audience about the subtleties of... 0:00 10/01/2003
See video Opening to "Loss & Desire" by Charles Atlas with Jane Alexander Created by Charles Atlas, the opening for "Loss & Desire" begins with four-time Oscar-nominated actress Jane Alexander seated before a mirror in... 0:00 09/10/2003
See video Opening to "Stories" by Charles Atlas with John Waters Created by Charles Atlas, the opening for "Stories" is a gloss on the classic “Masterpiece Theater” host introduction. Filmmaker John Waters greets... 0:00 09/09/2003
See video Opening to "Time" by Charles Atlas with Merce Cunningham "Tap-dancing is a way of articulating time, and it’s a long time since I did it," says pioneering dancer/choreographer Merce Cunningham in the... 0:00 09/17/2003
See video PREVIEW: Collier Schorr in Season 2 of "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2003) Collier Schorr's photographs examine the way nationality, gender and sexuality influence an individual's identity. Known for her portraits of... 2:09 09/01/2003
See video PREVIEW: Do Ho Suh in Season 2 of "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2003) Known for sculptures and installations that defy conventional notions of scale and site-specificity, Do Ho Suh's work draws attention to the ways... 1:17 09/01/2003
See video PREVIEW: Eleanor Antin in Season 2 of "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2003) An influential performance artist, filmmaker, photographer,and installation artist, Eleanor Antin delves into history—whether of ancient Rome,... 0:50 09/01/2003
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