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See video PREVIEW: El Anatsui in Season 6 of "Art in the Twenty-First Century" In this preview from the "Art in the Twenty-First Century" Season 6 episode, "Change," artist El Anatsui discusses the use of... 0:00 01/18/2012
See video EPISODE: "Change" How do artists respond to a world in flux? In what ways do artists act as agents of change, and what kinds of aesthetic choices do they make to... 0:00 04/14/2012
See video EPISODE: "Boundaries" Who and what limits our freedom of expression? In what ways do cultural differences affect our understanding of art and other forms of communication... 0:00 04/21/2012
See video EPISODE: "History" How do artists mine the past to explore the present? Why do some historical events shape the way we think today, and why have some been forgotten? In... 0:00 04/28/2012
See video EPISODE: "Balance" In what ways can art convey equilibrium or disequilibrium? What is reality? How do artists perceive and express it? This episode features artists... 0:00 05/05/2012
See video SEGMENT: David Altmejd in "Boundaries" In his studio in New York City, French Canadian artist David Altmejd constructs "The Vessel" (2011) and "The Swarm" (2011),... 0:00 04/21/2012
See video SEGMENT: Catherine Opie in "Change" Photographer Catherine Opie visits her childhood hometown of Sandusky, Ohio, for a series of photos of Lake Erie taken during different seasons for a... 0:00 04/14/2012
See video SEGMENT: El Anatsui in "Change" In his studio in Nigeria, artist El Anatsui oversees young studio assistants from the local community who work with him to create sculptures made... 0:00 04/14/2012
See video SEGMENT: Ai Weiwei in "Change" During his incarceration, artist Ai Weiwei's assistants, E-Shyh Wong and Inserk Yang come to New York in his place for the unveiling of Ai's public... 0:00 04/14/2012
See video SEGMENT: Tabaimo in "Boundaries" Artist Tabaimo, Japan's representative to the 2011 Venice Biennale, draws inspiration from traditional and contemporary Japanese culture as she... 0:00 04/21/2012
See video SEGMENT: assume vivid astro focus in "Boundaries" The artist team assume vivid astro focus—Brazilian-born Eli Sudbrack and Paris-based artist Christophe Hamaide-Pierson—describe their... 0:00 04/21/2012
See video SEGMENT: Lynda Benglis in "Boundaries" A video pioneer and sculptor, Lynda Benglis transcends painting and sculpture by creating solid forms with liquid materials that challenge viewers... 0:00 04/21/2012
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