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See video SHORT: Mark Bradford: Super 8 Movies Mark Bradford at his home in Los Angeles, with excerpts from his childhood Super 8 home movies. Producer: Susan Sollins & Nick Ravich. Camera:... 1:35 03/13/2008
See video SHORT: Mel Chin: "Fundred" at George Jackson Academy Art21-featured artist Mel Chin (Season 1) originated the "Fundred Dollar Bill Project" to draw attention to and develop solutions for environmentally... 3:50 03/19/2008
See video SHORT: Robert Adams: Books & Gravures Robert Adams with photogravure plates for "Harney County, Oregon" (1999–2003) in his Oregon studio. Producer: Susan Sollins & Nick Ravich. Camera... 1:54 03/20/2008
See video SHORT: Laurie Simmons: Dancer Greg Sinacori Dancer Greg Sinacori during the making of Laurie Simmons’s "The Music of Regret" (2006) at the Alvin Ailey Dance Studio, New York. Producer: Susan... 1:13 03/27/2008
See video SHORT: Catherine Sullivan: Empathy Excerpts from Catherine Sullivan’s film installations "Big Hunt" (2002), "Ice Floes of Franz Joseph Land" (2003), and "The Chittendens" (2006).... 1:29 04/03/2008
See video SHORT: Judy Pfaff: "Buckets of Rain" Time Lapse Two week time lapse of Judy Pfaff’s installation "Buckets of Rain" (2006) at Ameringer & Yohe Fine Art, New York. Producer: Susan Sollins &... 1:16 04/10/2008
See video SHORT: Nancy Spero: Becoming an Artist Photographs of Nancy Spero from the 1960s to 2000. Producer: Susan Sollins & Nick Ravich. Sound: Merce Williams. Editor: Lizzie Donahue. Artwork... 1:07 04/17/2008
See video SHORT: Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle: "Oppenheimer" Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle’s film "Oppenheimer" (2003) and mural "Time" (2003) installed at the Rochester Art Center, Minnesota. Producer: Susan Sollins... 1:56 04/24/2008
See video SHORT: Allora & Calzadilla: Form Set against footage from the their installation, Ruin (2006), at Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris, artists Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla... 1:01 05/01/2008
See video SHORT: Lari Pittman: Craft Lari Pittman painting "Palace" (2006) in his Los Angeles studio. Producer: Susan Sollins & Nick Ravich. Camera: Bob Elfstrom. Sound: Ray Day.... 1:38 05/08/2008
See video SHORT: Josiah McElheny: "The Alpine Cathedral and the City-Crown" Josiah McElheny discusses his installation "The Alpine Cathedral and the City-Crown" (2007) at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Producer: Wesley... 1:54 05/15/2008
See video SHORT: Mark Dion: "Neukom Vivarium" Mark Dion leads discussion of his installation "Neukom Vivarium" (2006) at the Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle. Producer: Susan Sollins & Nick... 1:41 05/18/2008
Videos 1-12 of 244