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See video SHORT: Trenton Doyle Hancock: "The Former and the Ladder or Ascension and a Cinchin'" Filmed in 2012 at James Cohan Gallery in New York City, artist Trenton Doyle Hancock discusses his large-scale collage The Former and the Ladder or... 5:10 11/01/2013
See video SHORT: David Altmejd: Heads Filmed in 2011, David Altmejd discusses the head sculptures that he creates to accompany each new body of work. “Some sculptors make... 2:20 10/04/2013
See video SHORT: Bruce Nauman: Teachers & Artists Filmed in August 2000, Bruce Nauman discusses two teachers who influenced his approach to horseback riding and art making: master horse trainer Ray... 2:40 09/20/2013
See video SHORT: Ellen Gallagher: "Osedax" Filmed in 2013, artist Ellen Gallagher discusses her large-scale installation Osedax (2010) at the New Museum in New York City. Made in collaboration... 3:56 09/06/2013
See video SHORT: Rackstraw Downes: Texas Hills Filmed in late 2010, artist Rackstraw Downes discusses his interest in painting altered landscapes, such as the sand hills overlooking Presidio,... 3:11 08/23/2013
See video SHORT: Barry McGee: Retrospective Filmed in 2012, artist Barry McGee discusses the work of his friends, family and a younger generation of street artists that he included in his... 4:38 08/09/2013
See video SHORT: Kiki Smith: Printmaking Filmed in 2002 at the printmaking workshop Harlan & Weaver, artist Kiki Smith discusses the challenges and pleasures of printmaking. Shown... 4:57 07/26/2013
See video SHORT: Maya Lin: Disappearing Bodies of Water Filmed in late 2012, Maya Lin discusses her marble sculpture series, "Disappearing Bodies of Water," shown in progress at her Manhattan... 3:36 07/12/2013
See video SHORT: Bruce Nauman: Make-Work Filmed at Bruce Nauman's New Mexico studio in August 2000, the artist explains his need to experiment with new materials and forms on a daily basis.... 2:39 06/28/2013
See video SHORT: Trenton Doyle Hancock: Real Biography Speaking from James Cohan Gallery, New York in late 2012, artist Trenton Doyle Hancock describes how his work has evolved over the past ten years.... 5:10 06/14/2013
See video SHORT: Robert Mangold: Sol LeWitt & MoMA Artist Robert Mangold, speaking from his upstate New York studio in 2011, explains how his friendship with the late artist Sol LeWitt, as well... 2:42 05/31/2013
See video SHORT: James Turrell: "Second Meeting" Filmed in early 2013, James Turrell revisits his installation Second Meeting (1989) at the home of private collectors in Los Angeles, California. As... 4:22 05/17/2013
Videos 13-24 of 202