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See video SHORT: Elliott Hundley: Evoking Emotions From his Los Angeles studio, artist Elliott Hundley describes an interest in evoking intense emotions through collage and photography. Inspired by... 4:56 06/05/2015
See video SHORT: Thomas Hirschhorn: "Gramsci Monument" This episode of the ART21 "Exclusive" series features the residents and volunteers behind Thomas Hirschhorn's “Gramsci Monument... 3:56 05/22/2015
See video SHORT: Leonardo Drew: Finding Piet Mondrian From his Brooklyn neighborhood, Leonardo Drew reflects upon the influence of Piet Mondrian on his own work. "As different as my work looks,... 3:56 05/15/2015
See video SHORT: Joan Jonas: New York Performances From her Manhattan studio, artist Joan Jonas discusses her decision to begin staging performances in the late 1960s. As a child growing up in New... 3:56 05/06/2015
See video SHORT: Katharina Grosse: Painting with Color Shown in her studio and at Johann König Gallery (both in Berlin), artist Katharina Grosse discusses her use of color when painting on three-... 4:41 04/17/2015
See video SHORT: Trevor Paglen: Power & Perspective Trevor Paglen discusses two recent photographs at Griffin Editions—a printing studio in New York City—in this episode from the ART21... 5:22 03/27/2015
See video SHORT: Trevor Paglen: Limit Telephotography In this episode, Trevor Paglen takes photographs for his Limit Telephotography series from the edge of the Tonopah Test Range, a classified military... 5:45 03/13/2015
See video SHORT: Andrea Zittel: High Desert Test Sites This episode features High Desert Test Sites, a non-profit organization co-founded by Andrea Zittel that supports immersive experiences and exchanges... 6:53 01/30/2015
See video SHORT: Andrea Zittel: "Wagon Station Encampment" This episode features Andrea Zittel’s "Wagon Station Encampment" (2004–ongoing)—a series of sleeping pods arranged... 7:04 01/23/2015
See video SHORT: Andrea Zittel: Art & Design Andrea Zittel discusses her approach to design in this episode from the ART21 Exclusive series. "Every space that I've lived in I've turned into... 5:53 01/16/2015
See video SHORT: Joan Jonas: Drawings This episode features Joan Jonas drawing in her Manhattan studio, and on stage at the Umeå Jazz Festival in Sweden. "Drawing is like practicing... 5:29 12/19/2014
See video SHORT: Tania Bruguera: "The Francis Effect" This episode of ART21 Exclusive features artist Tania Bruguera collecting signatures as part of her socially engaged performance project "The... 6:30 11/28/2014
Videos 13-24 of 234