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See video Matt Roche & Jaimie Warren's Big Extended Whoop Dee Doo Family What brings a community together? Over pizza and beers, the dedicated crew behind Whoop Dee Doo—artist Matt Roche & Jaimie Warren's... 7:53 12/21/2016
See video Daniel Gordon Looks Back How does an artist keep it interesting in the studio? In his Windsor Terrace workspace in Brooklyn, photographer Daniel Gordon reflects on his decade... 7:12 08/12/2016
See video Bryan Zanisnik & Eric Winkler's Animated Conversation What if your life was a cartoon? Bryan Zanisnik and Eric Winkler meet at a Brooklyn cafe where Zanisnik shares outlandish stories of his life as an... 9:05 06/03/2016
See video Marela Zacarías's Great Expectations How does a Brooklyn artist imagine both her past and future? After a decade of hard-fought accomplishments in New York City, artist Marela Zacarías... 6:58 03/02/2016
See video Jaimie Warren Is A Total Character How does an artist honor her heroes? Matching the playful “anything goes” aesthetic of its subject, this film explores the photographic... 7:27 12/11/2015
See video Louise Despont According to the Universe What is the source of inspiration? Filmed in her Tribeca studio, Louise Despont peruses a vast reference library of images she began collecting in... 8:55 11/13/2015
See video Lucas Blalock's Digital Toolkit Have you ever wanted a Photoshop tutorial from an artist? Filmed in his Greenpoint studio, artist Lucas Blalock creates uncanny pictures using simple... 6:07 09/11/2015
See video Caroline Woolard Flips the Real Estate Script How can New Yorkers hope to stay put in a city where rents make living all but impossible? Impelled by her own personal experiences, artist and... 8:59 07/31/2015
See video Jamian Juliano-Villani's Painting Compulsion What makes a painter paint? Filmed in her Bedford-Stuyvesant studio, artist Jamian Juliano-Villani uses a digital projector to create surreal... 6:01 06/30/2015
See video Welcome to Whoop Dee Doo! (with Matt Roche & Jaimie Warren Too) What is meaningful community art? In this film, the artist-led variety show Whoop Dee Doo—co-directed by Jaimie Warren and Matt Roche—... 12:27 05/29/2015
See video Diana Al-Hadid Plays the Classics How do you get a painting to stand up on its own? At her Bushwick, Brooklyn studio and OHWOW Gallery in Los Angeles, artist Diana Al-Hadid creates a... 6:11 05/01/2015
See video Rashid Johnson Keeps His Cool What happens when an artist follows his instincts? In this film, artist Rashid Johnson charts a decade-long aesthetic and professional development... 6:53 04/03/2015
Videos 1-12 of 75