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See video "New York Close Up" Series Trailer, Year 1 (2011) Art21 presents a new documentary series on art and life in New York. "New York Close Up" premiered online June 13th, 2011. Music: "... 2:20 05/27/2011
See video A Brief History of Shana Moulton & Whispering Pines Should an artist separate herself from the character she creates? In this film, artist Shana Moulton traces the development of her ongoing video and... 7:09 06/13/2011
See video Kalup Linzy & James Franco, That's Entertainment! What’s the difference between art and entertainment? In this film, artist Kalup Linzy prepares for his debut performance as Kalup & Franco—a... 8:24 06/13/2011
See video LaToya Ruby Frazier Takes on Levi's What is the responsibility of an artist to her community? In this film, artist and activist LaToya Ruby Frazier discusses the economic and... 6:32 06/17/2011
See video Mika Tajima Wants to Hire Contortionists How do you activate a white cube gallery space? In this film, artist Mika Tajima works with two amateur contortionists to create a series of dance-... 6:08 06/17/2011
See video Keltie Ferris Has a Show When does a painting stop being a private object and start becoming a public work? In this film, artist Keltie Ferris prepares for her show KF + CM... 6:34 06/20/2011
See video Rashid Johnson Makes Things to Put Things On How does an artist contribute his own personal story in the face of prevailing historical narratives? In this film, artist Rashid Johnson discusses... 5:44 06/20/2011
See video Lucas Blalock's 99¢ Store Still Lifes How does an artist make working at home interesting? In this film, artist Lucas Blalock photographs mundane objects from local discount stores in the... 6:20 06/24/2011
See video Martha Colburn & the Musicians, LIVE! How does an artist transform a solitary practice into a communal experience? In this film, artist Martha Colburn leads a group of musicians in a... 5:21 06/24/2011
See video Mariah Robertson Wears a Yellow Suit to Work How does an artist make work in extreme circumstances? In this film, artist Mariah Robertson wears a makeshift hazmat suit, face mask, and breathing... 6:42 06/27/2011
See video Tommy Hartung's Underground Movies How little does an artist need in a moving image to tell a story? In this film, artist Tommy Hartung employs minimal means and materials to create... 6:36 06/27/2011
See video Rashid Johnson Trades Art with Angel Otero How do artists make a fair exchange of one artwork for another? In this film, artist Rashid Johnson trades a new sculpture with fellow artist Angel... 4:58 07/22/2011
Videos 1-12 of 75