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See video Liz Magic Laser's Guerrilla Theater How can changing the context for a performance alter its meaning? In this film, artist Liz Magic Laser directs a group of actors performing... 7:12 12/20/2013
See video Behind the Scenes with Mika Tajima What happens when back stage becomes front stage? At her Bushwick Brooklyn studio, artist Mika Tajima discusses the processes and ideas behind her... 7:50 12/06/2013
See video Alejandro Almanza Pereda Strikes A Balance How does a sculptor keep his work from toppling over? Installing new work in Brooklyn, New York, and Mexico City, artist Alejandro Almanza Pereda... 8:47 11/13/2013
See video Daniel Gordon Gets Physical What if the Internet had a body? In his DUMBO studio, artist Daniel Gordon photographs paper collages constructed from found images downloaded from... 8:44 09/27/2013
See video Debo Eilers Makes Things Uncomfortable What happens when an artist doesn’t speak for himself? In a Tribeca loft, two friends of Debo Eilers discuss his sculpture and performance work... 7:37 09/13/2013
See video Jacolby Satterwhite Dances with His Self How does an artist use digital technology to perform new identities? In this film, artist Jacolby Satterwhite crafts surreal 3D animated videos while... 8:58 08/16/2013
See video Mary Mattingly Owns Up Do objects come with responsibility? In this film, Mary Mattingly transforms personal belongings into sculptural forms that she later incorporates... 9:23 07/19/2013
See video Marela Zacarías's Work Finds A Good Home What happens to an artist’s work after it leaves a museum? Artist Marela Zacarías moves a suite of sculptures titled Supple Beat from the... 8:15 06/26/2013
See video Laleh Khorramian's Epic Animations How do you create an epic tale from modest materials? At her temporary studio and home in Campbell Hall, located in upstate New York, artist Laleh... 8:11 06/21/2013
See video "New York Close Up" Series Trailer, Year 3 (2013) Art21's Webby-nominated documentary series on art and life in New York City returns with new artists and films premiering online June 21st and... 0:46 06/19/2013
See video Eddie Martinez's Risky Business Why would an artist change his signature style after proven success? Walking the graffiti-filled streets of his Greenpoint neighborhood and working... 7:06 06/07/2013
See video Erin Shirreff & Tony Smith Go Way Back What happens when an image feels more real than the real thing itself? While de-installing Sculpture for Snow (2011) in Downtown Brooklyn, artist... 7:03 05/24/2013
Videos 13-24 of 62