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See video "New York Close Up" Series Trailer, Year 3 (2013) Art21's Webby-nominated documentary series on art and life in New York City returns with new artists and films premiering online June 21st and... 0:46 06/19/2013
See video Eddie Martinez's Risky Business Why would an artist change his signature style after proven success? Walking the graffiti-filled streets of his Greenpoint neighborhood and working... 7:06 06/07/2013
See video Erin Shirreff & Tony Smith Go Way Back What happens when an image feels more real than the real thing itself? While de-installing Sculpture for Snow (2011) in Downtown Brooklyn, artist... 7:03 05/24/2013
See video Diana Al-Hadid's Suspended Reality How does an artist resist reality? In this film, artist Diana Al-Hadid creates sculptures and drawings that embrace illusionism and the unknown,... 6:41 04/12/2013
See video Josephine Halvorson Is on the Clock Can an artist create a compelling work in a single day? In this film, artist Josephine Halvorson attempts to make a new painting in Thomaston,... 8:43 03/15/2013
See video David Brooks Is In His Element What can an artist learn from the hard sciences? In this film, artist David Brooks discusses the motivations and broader meanings behind his on-going... 6:43 03/01/2013
See video Mika Rottenberg and the Amazing Invention Factory What are the stories we tell about objects? In this film, artist Mika Rottenberg considers a survey of her videos in which women work in factory-like... 6:50 02/01/2013
See video Tommy Hartung Is Off and Running How does an artist find relief from the pressures of the studio? In this film artist Tommy Hartung leaves his Ridgewood, Queens studio and takes an... 4:27 01/18/2013
See video Kalup Linzy Likes It a Little Bit Off What's more important: production values or a good story? In this film, artist Kalup Linzy recounts the making of his video, Keys to Our Heart (2008... 5:42 12/21/2012
See video Liz Magic Laser Talks to the Hand Can you tell what politicians mean by what they say or how they move? In this film, artist Liz Magic Laser develops The Digital Face (2012)—a... 8:13 11/20/2012
See video Erin Shirreff Takes Her Time How does an artist transform her source material? At her Greenpoint, Brooklyn studio, artist Erin Shirreff discusses the creation of her recent video... 7:14 10/12/2012
See video Alejandro Almanza Pereda's Obstacle Course How do artists overcome the hurdles of moving to New York City? In this film, artist Alejandro Almanza Pereda contends with a series of obstacles... 8:50 09/14/2012
Videos 13-24 of 53