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See video Shana Moulton's Portable Performance Is being a performance artist just another job? In this film, artist Shana Moulton rehearses and performs Whispering Pines 7 in the exhibition Acting... 5:56 07/29/2011
See video Mika Tajima Versus the Cubicle How does design shape society? In this film, artist Mika Tajima traces the legacy of the influential Action Office furniture line—developed by Herman... 5:29 08/19/2011
See video Keltie Ferris Spray Paints in Solitude How does an artist connect to the world while working alone? In this film, artist Keltie Ferris begins a new series of abstract paintings in her... 6:02 08/26/2011
See video Martha Colburn Cuts the Boring Parts Out How does an artist develop a personal style? In this film, artist Martha Colburn traces the evolution of her work, from her first found-footage films... 4:49 09/26/2011
See video Tommy Hartung's Budget Guide to New York What are the bare essentials an artist needs to live in New York? In this film, artist Tommy Hartung ventures out from his home and studio in... 4:55 10/21/2011
See video A Naked Guy Walks into a Mariah Robertson Photo INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. What makes an image funny? In this film, artist Mariah Robertson works with Bill... 6:03 01/13/2012
See video LaToya Ruby Frazier Makes Moving Pictures What makes a documentary radical? In this film, artist LaToya Ruby Frazier reveals the personal story behind a series of videos and photographs of... 6:57 02/10/2012
See video Kalup Linzy Makes His Way Through the Art World How do artists navigate art fairs, galleries, and selling their work? In this film, artist Kalup Linzy takes the viewer on a tour of The Armory Show... 0:00 03/06/2012
See video Lucas Blalock Gets A Little Help From His Friends How can artists get candid feedback on their work? In this film, artist Lucas Blalock and artist friends Fabienne Lasserre and Chris Wiley discuss... 4:39 04/20/2012
See video Martha Colburn Brings the War Home How does an artist respond to a country at war? In this film, artist Martha Colburn discusses four of her animated films that examine American... 6:30 05/18/2012
See video "New York Close Up" Series Trailer, Year 2 (2012) Art21′s Webby-nominated documentary series on art and life in New York City returns with new artists and films premiering online June 1st and... 2:36 05/29/2012
See video Mika Rottenberg & Jon Kessler Wanna Make You Sweat How do artists make the intangible tangible? In this film, SEVEN (2011)—a collaborative work by the artists Mika Rottenberg and Jon Kessler... 7:58 06/01/2012
Videos 13-24 of 75