"The Fire Next Time" (1989)

"The Fire Next Time," 1989
Lightboxes with black and white transparencies, overall dimensions variable. Installation view: Brooklyn Museum, New York. Collection High Museum of Art Atlanta.
© Alfredo Jaar, courtesy Galerie Lelong, New York.

"I can actually say that I became an artist when I discovered Duchamp and what he did with the Readymades, when he gave the artist the freedom to say, "This is art because I name it." That was what interested me. I didn’t have to study art. I didn’t have to use any particular material. I could work with ideas and then find the right materials for those ideas. People look at my work, see a hundred pieces in the last twenty-five years, and think they’re done by fifty different artists because I move from material to material according to the issues I’m dealing with."

- Alfredo Jaar