"Over Ten Thousand Individual Works" (1987/88)

"Over Ten Thousand Individual Works," 1987/88
To produce the Individual Works, hundreds of small shapes are casually collected from friends’ homes, supermarkets, hardware stores, and sidewalks: bottle caps, jar lids, drawer pulls, salt shakers, flashlights, measuring spoons, cosmetic containers, yogurt cups, earrings, push buttons, candy molds, garden hose connectors, paperweights, shade pulls, Chinese teacups, cat toys, pencil sharpeners, and so on.
The cast shapes are combined into parts which will each serve as "half" a work. These halves are numbered and organized onto standard trays.
Rubber molds are produced from the collection of shapes. The replicas of these shapes can be cast in large quantities, thus creating a vocabulary of forms that can be combined to produce new shapes.
Rubber molds are made from the halves, in order to reproduce the trays many times.
Photo by Eric Baum
© Allan McCollum
Courtesy the artist

"I wanted the drama of quantities. You can make thousands of things from a mold. As a child you have cookie cutters, candy molds, and toy molds that you buy in the toy store, so I had some experience with molds from that area."

-Allan McCollum