"Shapes from Maine: Shapes Silhouettes," detail (2005/08)

"Shapes from Maine: Shapes Silhouettes," detail, 2005/08
Hand cut black paper on museum board, approximately 3 3/4 x 2 1/2 inches each, each unique; 7 x 5 inches framed
Produced in collaboration with Ruth Monsell, founder of Artful Heirlooms, Damariscotta, Maine
Photo by Lamay Photo
© Allan McCollum
Courtesy the artist

"One of the things I was concerned about was that they should be distinctly different. It’s very easy to, say, choose four shapes and have them all be different: one’s a triangle, one’s a square, one’s a circle, and one’s a parallelogram. But when you have to design 144 shapes that are instantly different from one another, it’s a lot harder than you think."

-Allan McCollum