"The Shapes Project," detail (2005/06)

"The Shapes Project," detail, 2005/06
Framed laserprints on acid-free bond, 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches each, each unique
Installation view at Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York
Photo by Lamay Photo
© Allan McCollum
Courtesy the artist

"Once I started learning Adobe Illustrator to combine shapes it freed me to think in larger quantities. I don’t know if it got me to think about things I couldn’t have done otherwise. It was just that if I used the computer I could do more of them, more quickly. I spent about five months making all the little parts that I designed for The Shapes Project by hand, the way you do with a drawing program—filling in, getting them to the right size, testing, and making sure it worked."

-Allan McCollum