"Clamor" (2006)

"Clamor," 2006
Mixed-media sculpture, approximately 15 x 30 feet (diameter). Installation view: The Moore Space, Miami.
Courtesy the artists.

"The subject of the work is very much in the title, ‘Clamor’. It’s the music of war, music as a weapon, everything that has to do with music and war, in a complex montage that is part of a sculpture in which there’s going to be a concert (the musicians will be inside). The sculpture resembles a bunker or a cave, like a piece of the earth with various geological forms. Instead of guns, there are trumpets or flutes sticking out. What triggered this piece was our interest in how people use music or sound as a weapon- how you can have a gun made of sound that can immobilize you."

- Allora & Calzadilla