"Growth" (2006)

"Growth," 2006
Plant grafts, variable dimensions. Left to right: Pathycerus pecto-abrigine and Pachycereus Pringlei; Marginato cergus marginatus and Pilosocerens; Tricho Cereus Hertringinnis, Pilosocerens azureus, and Wetoerocereus yohnstonii; Isocato cereus pumortgrii and Pilosocereus hu. Installation view: "Entropics", Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris.
Courtesy the artists.

"We also like the idea of the monstrous. What’s interesting is that it’s a deviation that’s still part of nature, or part of culture or humanity, but it stands as a kind of distorted mirror against it. It becomes an active point from which to understand what a society or culture views as its norms and boundaries, and to show the limits of one’s own thinking or a set of cultural values."

- Allora & Calzadilla