"29 Palms: Colonel Greenwood" (2003-04)

"29 Palms: Colonel Greenwood," 2003-04
Gelatin silver print, 26 x 37 1/2 inches. Edition of 5.
© An-My Lê, courtesy Murray Guy, New York.

"When I became a photographer one of the first things I learned from speaking to other artists who had more experience was that unless you’re a conceptual artist it’s best to draw from what you know the most. And what did I know the most? It was how much of a mess my life was, and trying to make sense of it and the questions of war and destruction- how things are still unresolved with the Vietnam War in America. That’s something I wanted to touch, as well as the representation of war in movies and, now, the war in Iraq."

- An-My Lê