"Tenebrae Noviembre 7, 1985" (1999-2000)

"Tenebrae Noviembre 7, 1985," 1999-2000
Lead and steel, 76 x 221 x 218 1/2 inches
Private Collection, Vancouver
Photo by Stephen White
© Doris Salcedo
Courtesy the Alexander and Bonin, New York

"I am not a solo singer. In my studio we are a chorus. One person could not produce such work; it is a collective effort. I work with architects—a team of architects that continuously gives me their creativity, their ideas, their input into the way that the pieces can be made and, even though I have a very precise idea of what I want, the kind of image I need. They are the ones that are making that image possible, building it in material."

-Doris Salcedo