"Free Nurses" from "DeLuxe" (2004-2005)

"Free Nurses" from "DeLuxe," 2004-2005
Aquatint, photogravure, collage, varnish, and cut paper, 13 x 10 inches
Edition of 20
Photo by D. James Dee
Courtesy Two Palms Press, New York, © Ellen Gallagher

"Eunice Rivers, the nurse, that’s such a specific character. The nurse could refer to Julia the nurse and the sort of idealized professional woman of the ’60s...They were these ads to serve your people and be professional and ambitious. Ahab [in ‘Moby Dick’] and Eunice Rivers exist for me as a sign for travel and hunger. Eunice Rivers was the nurse that ushered scores of black- mostly illiterate and poor- farmers through the Tuskegee experiment."

- Ellen Gallagher