"Turbulence II, (Speak of Me as I Am)" (2003)

"Turbulence II, (Speak of Me as I Am)," 2003
United States Pavilion
50th Venice Biennale: Dreams and Conflicts
Photo by R. Ransick/A. Cocchi
Courtesy The Pace Gallery, New York

"My work is essentially about where I am- and here I was, this African-American, doing a project in the American Pavilion about the Africans of Venice. The part that was the most abstract was this room that I created of black and white tile - thinking about issues of black and white. The room vibrated if you stood there and visually offset you a little bit because of that. I was also interested in institutional spaces - the kind of places that you’re familiar with but not necessarily comfortable in, like a bathroom in an airport, where you can be alone but where you’re not alone."

- Fred Wilson