"0012 Diagonal Clebsch surface, cubic with 27 lines" (2004)

"0012 Diagonal Clebsch surface, cubic with 27 lines," 2004
Gelatin-silver print
Image size: 58 3/4 x 47 inches
Frame size: 71 x 60 inches
Edition of 5
Courtesy the artist and The Pace Gallery, New York

"It’s just like sculpture. I feel like I’m carving this out of conceptual form. The figures were made without artistic motivation, and I’m trying to make them art-like. So that’s photography! People tend to believe that photography can just record scenes, but this is more like using my camera and then projecting my own imagination onto the surface of this ‘sculpture’- these models. So I think I feel more like I’m shaping the forms using a camera instead of chisel. It’s sculptural form using my camera as a tool. And between chisel and camera, there’s no difference to me."

- Hiroshi Sugimoto