"House with Pool," production still (2004)

"House with Pool," production still, 2004
High Definition Video with sound transferred to DVD
20 min 39 sec, loop
Photo by Shaune Kolber
Courtesy the Artists and Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York

"We play very consciously with the fact that we want to make the viewer aware of the medium in itself, or in the story- that you sort of step in and out of a story. It’s not like we want a complete absorption, and then, 'Boom, you’re out of it!' But there’s a moment when we strongly want you as a viewer- you’re in this house, around the pool. You’re fully immersed. And then there’s a moment when we go through the wall. For a moment, we want the person who’s questioning that...and then he’s back into full immersion."

- Alexander Birchler