"Iceberg (r11i01)" (2004)

"Iceberg (r11i01)," 2004
Suspended anodized aluminum tubes; rapid prototyped ABS plastic and nylon, approximately 25 x 20 x 18 feet. Installation view: The Art Institute of Chicago.
Courtesy the artist and Max Protetch, New York.

"’Iceberg (r11i01)’ is about stopping time. You take an animation and suspend it, so you have suspended animation of a frozen moment- a three-dimensional photograph of one moment. ‘Iceberg’ and ‘Cloud’, and other projects I’m working on, are almost literally about capturing ephemera. In the end, it’s an impossibility. You really haven’t captured ephemera; you’ve made a thing- a sculpture. You’ve negated the notion of ephemera. Then, it’s only the public moving around the piece, experiencing it, that becomes the ephemeral moment."

- Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle