"Recumbent Iceberg (r11i01)" (2005-06)

"Recumbent Iceberg (r11i01)," 2005-06
Aluminum tubes, rapid-prototyped ABS plastic and nylon, USB drive, approximately 300 x 240 x 216 inches. Installation view: Rochester Art Center. Photo by Gene Pittman.
Courtesy the artist and Max Protetch, New York.

"The curator for this exhibition really wanted to bring in a piece called ‘Iceberg (r11i01)’, but it didn’t fit. And so I said, well let’s create a new work, let’s do ‘Iceberg (r11i01)’ recumbent. We’ll just tip it over. It’s perfect! It’s already about crumpling up utopian modernity, taking a Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome and crushing it in your hands and throwing it in the wastebasket and saying, ‘Oh my gosh, what have I done?’, retrieving it and never being able to get it back to its proper shape. And so why not tumble it up? Why not?"

- Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle