"Jeff Koons on the Roof," (2008)

"Jeff Koons on the Roof," 2008
Installation view, "Jeff Koons on the Roof," Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, April 22-October 26, 2008
Left: Sacred Heart (Red/Gold), 1994-2007
High-chromium stainless steel with transparent color coating, 140 1/2 x 86 x 47 3/5 inches
Right: Coloring Book, 1997-2005
High-chromium stainless steel with transparent color coating, 222 x 131 1/2 x 9 1/8 inches

© Jeff Koons
Courtesy the artist

"When I was young I really didn’t have a base in art history. My first day in art school, we went to the museum and at that moment I realized how naïve I was. I didn’t know who Braque was. I didn’t know Manet. I knew nobody. I knew Dali, Warhol, and probably Rauschenberg, and Michelangelo, but I had no sense of art history. I survived that day and I think that’s one of the reasons I’m here now."

-Jeff Koons

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