"Split-Rocker" (2000)

"Split-Rocker," 2000
Stainless steel, soil, geotextile fabric, internal irrigation system, and live flowering plants, 441 x 465 x 426 inches
Installation view, "Jeff Koons Versailles," Château de Versailles, France, October 9, 2008-April 1, 2009
© Jeff Koons
Courtesy the artist

"It was the first time that I planted a floral piece completely mathematically. Split-Rocker (2000) is also made out of live plants—90,000 of them. I was at Versailles for about three weeks, planting the piece with a team of gardeners. I thought it was appropriate for Versailles and the gardens because of the way Louis and his gardeners laid everything out. You can see that there’s a sense of chaos and disorder, but it’s all very mathematical and repetitive."

-Jeff Koons