"Inflammatory Essays" (1979–82)

"Inflammatory Essays," 1979–82
Offset posters. Installation view at Fundació Caixa de Pensions, Barcelona.
Text: “Inflammatory Essays” (1979-1982), Photo: Miguel Bargallo and Tony Coll, © 2007 Jenny Holzer, member Artist Rights Society (ARS), New York.

"There’s a reason I’m anonymous in my work. I like to be absolutely out of view and out of earshot. I don’t sign my work because I think that would diminish its effectiveness. It would be the work of just one person. I would like it to be more useful than that- to be of utility to as many people as possible. I think if it were attributed to me it would be easier to toss. I want people to concentrate on the content of the work and not whodunit."

- Jenny Holzer