"Sam Ran Over Sand or Sand Ran Over Sam" (2004)

"Sam Ran Over Sand or Sand Ran Over Sam," 2004
Installation at Rice University Art Gallery, Houston, Texas
Carpet, green waterproof sheet rock, theater lights, yellow and white electrical cords, furniture, lamps, Styrofoam, lumber, freezer, digital projector, acrylic paint, coolers and chicken wi
Courtesy the artist and Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York

"I haven’t found the right word, but there is some kind of storytelling, for lack of a better word. There are evocations- floating significances- that combine in a poetic way. That title posits Sam as a character, and the sand as a character. Things have character. So I’m interested in how the character of things might function as a protagonist in what isn’t a narrative here."

- Jessica Stockholder