"Eyebrow" (2009)

"Eyebrow," 2009
Digital photographic print on painted aluminum, 50 x 16 x 6 inches Installation view, "John Baldessari: Brick Bldg, Lg Windows w/Xlent Views, Partially Furnished, Renowned Architect," Kunstmuseen Krefeld, Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld, Germany
© John Baldessari
Courtesy the artist and Beyer LLC

"At night, you will have a blinking light (I want it to look like a winking eye) and in the exterior, you’ll have an eyebrow over the window. Because, you know, the Viennese architect Alfred Loos said that he wanted to get rid of eyebrows from windows. Aesthetically, I always look for the weak link in the chain and, rather than glorify Mies van der Rohe—he’s had enough glorification—I just thought I would poke a little fun at him and do a reverse Mies van der Rohe."

-John Baldessari