"Model for Total Reflective Abstraction (after Buckminster Fuller and Isamu Noguchi)" (2003)

"Model for Total Reflective Abstraction (after Buckminster Fuller and Isamu Noguchi)," 2003
Mirrored blown glass, wood and mirror, 49 x 144 x 88 inches
Promised gift to the de Young Museum of Art, San Francisco, California
Photo by Stephen White
Courtesy Donald Young Gallery, Chicago

"I made a series of works about a conversation between Isamu Noguchi and Buckminster Fuller- an aesthetic proposal from 1929- in which they talked about a kind of sculpture or sculpture abstraction that could exist without any shadow. They said it would have to be a perfectly reflective sculpture in a perfectly reflective environment- the ultimate aesthetic utopia where the context and object are unified completely. And so I’ve been fascinated by the idea and I’ve been making some models of it- like Noguchi’s landscape model sculptures- trying to turn those into a manifestation of this idea."

- Josiah McElheny

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