"Buckets of Rain" (2006)

"Buckets of Rain," 2006
Wood, steel, wax, plaster, fluorescent lights, paint, black foil, expanding foam, and tape; 2 galleries, 153 x 245 1/2 x 209 inches and 153 x 228 1/2 x 165 inches. Installation view: Ameringer & Yohe Fine Art, New York. Photo by Zonder Title and Jordan Tinker.
Courtesy the artist and Ameringer & Yohe Fine Art, New York.

"Last year it just seemed like everyone I knew died . . . my mother, Al Held (my former teacher), good friends. And I just wanted my 2006 show to be emotional. So I was basing this work on images of darkness and a kind of wilder characteristic than my other stuff. Before, the work was still chaotic but the last show was so pretty. And I thought, "This is not pretty, this is going to go to the other side." I was even looking at images in Dante’s 'Inferno'. So it was going to be a lot of dramatic, dark imagery."

- Judy Pfaff