"Coroa de Espinhos" (1998)

"Coroa de Espinhos," 1998
Mechanical steel tubing, trees and root systems, wood, plaster, and terra roux, 24 x 120 x 20 feet. Installation view: 1998 Bienal de São Paulo, Brazil. Photo by Rob van Erve.
© Judy Pfaff

"The word installation, or the way it’s used now, is like a catchall. If you put three paintings together, it’s now an installation of paintings. It doesn’t seem to mean an awful lot any more. It just sounds very trendy. And lately I actually think it feels so ‘performative’ that there’s something about the word that I don’t like. It doesn’t feel like what I do. I’ve always made sculpture that relates to architecture or a whole sensation or feeling. And it came with this moniker."

- Judy Pfaff