"Hei Tianer" (2006)

"Hei Tianer," 2006
Crown Kozo paper, encaustic, and ink, 88 1/2 x 45 1/2 inches. Photo by Jordan Tinker.
Courtesy the artist and Ameringer & Yohe Fine Art, New York.

"I get lost in painting. I can’t be there. With the drawings, the collages, I can come and go. I can do other things. Painters are made differently. They concentrate in different ways, and they get pulled in. What I found, when I was a painter, was that I couldn’t stop. It was like you got sucked in and, until it was finished, another thought didn’t enter. Painting for me was like this terrible marathon. Once I started I couldn’t finish until it was over because, if I did finish and come back the next day, I’d have to start all over anyway. It was a grueling pull."

- Judy Pfaff