"If I Had a Boat" (2001)

"If I Had a Boat," 2001
Mechanical steel tubing with copper patina, expanding urethane foam, plaster, plant matter, dye, cable, ball chain, and lead, 40 x 63 x 40 feet. Installation view: Elvehjem Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin, Madison Photo by Rob van Erve.
© Judy Pfaff

"Romance? It’s one of those bad words, like diary and that kind of personal thing. I’m very romantic, extremely so. So that’s why these scrims and structures are around. It saves me from romance, the thing that I was given way too much of. It saves me from too much emotion, and not enough of the other things which are hard for me to get to. So the work is to get to the other levels, to the silence, to the breath, to a sweeter sense of things."

- Judy Pfaff