"N.Y.C. – B.Q.E." (1987)

"N.Y.C. – B.Q.E.," 1987
Painted steel, plastic laminates, fiberglass, wood, paint, lawn furniture, and awnings, 15 x 35 x 9 inches. Installation view: Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.
© Judy Pfaff

"When I look at the old works, when they had the explosive stuff in them, I was just young. So there were different materials and things, but I think the underpinnings were always quite tight. I would never just put in a red dot here to balance that green dot there. It was always for a funny kind of need, and I always had to know what it was. It was never just formal. It always had to have a story line."

- Judy Pfaff