"Untitled (Hunting Scenes)" (2001)

"Untitled (Hunting Scenes)," 2001
Cut paper and adhesive on wall
Left panel: 98 x 68 inches
Right panel: 103 x 63 inches
Collection of Centro Nazionale per le Arti Contemporanea, Rome, Italy
Courtesy Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York

"I was looking at racist paraphernalia, iconography, and then at these accurate versions of middle-class Americans. I began to associate the silhouette itself, the cutting, with a form of blackface minstrelsy. Here we have these mainly white sitters or a few slaves who were documented in silhouette- but for the most part white sitters whom I identify as middle class because upper class would require a full-fledged oil portrait and that’s what I had already ruled out for myself...’No oil painting here, not going to ape the master that way.’"

- Kara Walker