"Untitled #2" (2004)

"Untitled #2," 2004
Alkyd, acrylic, and enamel on gessoed canvas over wood panel, 52 x 40 inches. Private collection, Athens, Greece. Photo by Douglas M. Parker Studio.
Courtesy the artist and Regen Projects, Los Angeles and Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York.

"I equate the managed aesthetics of my work and the construction of my personal life with creating an area of safety. So beauty is not an additive. The preoccupation with aesthetics is not just on the downtime: it’s ideological, political, and conceptual. Of course it’s about pleasure, but it’s not about divertissement. It’s not an aside, not a sidebar. It’s actually about safety. I don’t know how I could really explain it, but beauty and personal safety are strangely conflated in my mind. Maybe it’s anti-chaos."

- Lari Pittman