"Untitled" (2002)

"Untitled," 2002
Flat alkyd and spray paint on gessoed panel, 102 x 76 inches. Collection Barbara Gladstone, New York. Photo by Douglas M. Parker Studio .
Courtesy the artist and Regen Projects, Los Angeles.

"The paintings show the viewer many temporalities. There’s climate and there’s time. Sometimes there’s even an indication in some of the paintings that the top half of the painting might be at night and the bottom half in daylight. I think that, in southern California (whose only history has been hyper-capitalism) hyper-capitalism foregrounds this idea of episodic time: ‘This is the eight hours for work; this is the eight hours to sleep. And this is the eight hours for waking leisure.’ Capitalism really enforces compartmentalized, sequential time."

- Lari Pittman